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"For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecc 3:11

MacBook Pro

Canon baby!!


Psych, just the best show on TV!

Green Tea Frappuccino, yes PLEASE!

I am amazed at all the beautiful things people make!

There is nothing better than a fresh Caprese Salad!

Orchids make me smile!

I LOVE this show!

an Ice Cold Blue Moon with an orange slice, perfect!

Bakerella Cake Pops, yep, heaven!

Canon's lenses! the 85 1.8 and 70-200L 2.8 are my faves!

Hi, I'm Christie Mumm

I love families! That might seem like a silly way to start out a "getting to know me" letter but it's true. Families are so integral to what I do, and I just love that I have the opportunity to work with all types of families every day! I am blessed to be the wife of an amazing man (for nearly 11 years now as I write this) and the mother of a beautiful and precocious little girl. My life is my family, and my work, well, it's yours!

I started my business out of my home in 2001 as a part-time venture. I have loved photography for most of my life and it was really the only possible career option for me, the only job that truly made me happy. After a few years of working and building my business I was able to quit my "day job" and work for myself full time, and what a wonderful day that was! My small home-based studio quickly grew and in the summer of 2009 I expanded my business into a small boutique studio located in Downtown Reno. Now, with a decade of experience behind me I feel so blessed, more than ever, to have the unique opportunity to serve the wonderful families who have come into my life and business.

I love every stage of families, every season if you will. The magic of a pregnant woman, how her body is changing to accomodate the new life growing inside her. The way she grows to love her new baby more and more every day until she is finally ready to meet her little miracle face to face, there is nothing like it.

As a mother myself I am so amazed by newborn babies, how each and every part is there, so small and perfect. I love how newborns smell and how soft and fragile they are.

I adore baby chatter, giggles and gurgles. The way a baby is learning their world and discovering everything new. Toddlers delight me, their attitudes, and independant-dependancy. I love how unpredictable, and funny they are, and so full of energy!

School aged children are so much fun for me. They have developed their own unique personalities and are so happy to talk about their lives, friends, school, hobbies, etc. These kids are amazing models, making my job so much fun as they play it up for the camera!

High school seniors are such a joy to photograph. Some of my most unique and creative shoots are senior sessions. Seniors are on the cusp of adulthood, so full of promise and hope for the future. Seniors are amazing at creating fun outfits and usually love to show off their own unique style.

I just love families as a whole. The bond between mother. father and child. I am so very blessed to have the opportunity to work with and get to know so many amazing families over the years. Preserving the special memories that make up your lives is what I do, and I LOVE my job!!


what I love...


Shawn Macdonald

The Cure

Apple, pretty much anything they make. Yes, I drank the koolaid and it was good!

My iPhone 4, LOVE!!

My Family! My hubby of 10 years and my 11 year old daughter are my world!

Jesus is #1 in my life!

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