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"For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecc 3:11

Planning for your family photos can be a very stressful,, we understand. Please take a few simple tips into consideration when choosing your wardrobe.

We like to recommend that you avoid dressing everyone in the same exact outfit. Instead consider choosing coordinating clothing in a similar tonal range or color theme.

Pick colors that you love and that make you feel good. If you have a lot of blues in your home you may want to incorporate blues in your portraits, this will help your images to coordintate into your home and look great on your walls.

Don't be afraid of bright and bold colors, images with great colors will feel more lively and help express your personalities.

Some popular color themes can be black and white with a color pop (as in the board to the left), beach tones, woodsy tones, bright colors and pastels. Spend some time perusing our portfolio for inspiration as well as Christie's Pinterest inspiration board for some great ideas.

Try to incorporate only a couple of patterns at most, unless the look you are going for is highly eclectic (which can be fun as well).

Accessories are a great way to add visual interest to your images. Consider hats, jewelry, scarves and shoes as well when planning your wardrobe.

Most of all have fun! You will like your images more if you feel good about what you and your family were wearing so be sure to pick clothes that you like!

Click HERE to see Christie's Inspiration Board on Pinterest

What to Wear: Tips and Inspiration to help you plan for your session.

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